Most horses don't walk backwards voluntarily,

because what they can't see doesn't exist.”

  ~Terry Pratchett


“Appreciating the power of the horse to change lives is our goal,” said Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl) Past President Dr. Paul Spiers, “and PATH Intl wants to provide positive change for these very special lives. Our service personnel have fought to preserve our freedom, and, for many, at a very dear cost. We must be certain that if our wounded service personnel and veterans need and want this kind of help, they will get the best PATH International has to offer.” 

- borrowed from the PATH Intl web site


The wonderful thing about working with a horse is that they mirror our emotions and actions. When using Natural Horsemanship we can learn to have the right attitude, develop our knowledge, use the correct tools, master our techniques, take the amount of time it takes, and bolster our imagination in order to make the reaction we elicit from our horse a positive one. At Horses for Heroes, we learn to develop ourselves naturally in order to gain a positive relationship with our horse. These specific development skills can relate to any relationship we have in life, and that is what makes working with our horses so fulfilling. 


Therapeion’s Horses for Heroes is dedicated to providing this positive change through the adoption of Pat Parelli’s method of Natural Horsemanship. Here in the program, we learn to embrace this method while working with a partner, our assigned horse. By following this method, we learn to be a natural and just leader which carries over into our everyday lives. 


Using Natural Horsemanship, we develop an understanding with our horse based on natural communication, understanding, and psychology, and together we can learn to accomplish any list of goals with our horses. The program focuses on the 6 keys to Natural Horsemanship; Attitude, Knowledge, Tools, Techniques, Time, and Imagination. 


Horses for Heroes is excited to be partnered with PATH Intl’s EQUINE SERVICES FOR HEROES and WOUNDED WARRIERS PROJECT to offer services to post 9-11 veterans free of charge. We offer services to all veterans no matter what conflict or decade you served. Many of Therapeion’s volunteer veterans are dedicated to mentoring their fellow veterans in our program. 

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