Win The 2nd Therapeion Derby!

It’s time for the Second Therapeion Derby!

We all know about the regular Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing — the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes.   You may also remember last year's first-ever Therapeion Derby.


For over a year now, COVID-19 turned everything upside down and sideways.  We've resumed Therapeion classes, and as people get vaccinated we hope things begin to return to normal.  Outside, in the "real world," the Triple Crown has been scheduled.  The Kentucky Derby will be held on May 1, the Preakness will be run on May 15, and the Belmont Stakes will be on June 5th.

Therapeion’s horses want to get into the spirit of the season, but none of them is really in shape for a traditional race -- they work hard to be the patient, well-behaved steeds our clients depend on for classes.  Thus, they aren't really practiced at speed, and none of them are thoroughbreds (but don't tell them that).  So, we’re enlisting your aid for the next best thing.

We’re going to let you — our extended Therapeion family — take the horses on a special race.  Your mission is to get in the race to raise money for Therapeion.  The team that raises the most donations to Therapeion between the  Kentucky Derby and the Preakness wins!  What's more, Therapeion wins too!  Each horse costs us over $400 a month to feed, stable, and maintain, and all funds raised in the Derby will go directly to help feed and care for the horses.

What's more, this year we're going to allow volunteers and friends of Therapeion race in addition to families of riders!



Prizes may include tuition gift certificates, merchandise from the Therapeion Zazzle store, and possibly gift certificates from some local merchants.  Of course, winning teams (and horses) get bragging rights, too!


We will do our best to be sure everyone whose horse “crosses the finish line” (see below) gets prizes. We are in the process of determining the prizes and will post them here as soon as they are set.  We'll also list the winners on our Facebook page and here on the website for the rest of the year.

(If you are able to donate items -- or willing to solicit items from local businesses -- that might serve as prizes please contact us!)



How to Enter

  1. Teams may be composed of 2-5 people.  One is designated as the lead trainer, and one or more as jockeys.  At least the lead trainer must be 18 years of age or older.  Every team can have additional supporters, of course, and  there is no limit on supporters and cheering sections.

  2. Each team of riders should designate 3 of Therapeion’s horses, in order of preference, that they would be willing to “race.”  (The horses are shown in the gallery below.)

  3. The team leader should fill out the entry form on this page, displayed below the gallery of horses and submit it by noon, April 23.

  4. Therapeion staff will distribute teams to the horses, trying our best to accommodate your preferences.  

  5. If there are more teams than listed horses, we may fill in with some other horses from Shepard Stable.  

  6. On May 1st each team will be given a unique URL at GoFundMe Charity — and the race starts!

How the Race Works

  1. Between May 1 and June 5  each team should solicit donations to Therapeion’s “Race and Win 2!” campaign via its given URL.  Team totals will be automatically calculated and posted on a leaderboard.  (You can remind people that donations are tax deductible.)

  2. Teams can collect donations off-line (e.g., cash, checks) for their horses.  There will be a way to add those in to the posted totals.

  3.  The “race” ends at 6pm on June 5.

  4. Any off-line contributions must be received by the Therapeion treasurer no later than 6pm on June 7 or they will not be included in the final totals.  This will affect win-place-show-ranking.

  5.  Total amounts collected will determine the win-place-show ranking.  The team that gets the largest donation total will win the Derby!

Other Rules

  • Any team found to be be misrepresenting themselves, other teams, or Therapeion, or behaving in a manner that is judged to be unsportsmanlike, will be disqualified. 

  • Each team must raise a minimum amount for its horse to “cross the finish line.”  This amount will be determined by May 1st, and will depend on the number of qualified teams.

  • The decision of the judges (selected by the Therapeion Board of Directors) is final and will be announced by the evening of June 7.

  • Everyone should have fun with this!


If you have any questions, address them to

Therapeion's Tremendous Horses

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