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Therapeion's classes are offered several times during the week.  Students are normally enrolled in one class per week, in a four, six, or eight week session.

Each class runs for forty five minutes and includes mounting, riding, untacking as able, and grooming the horse.

Riders are matched to horses based on their physical, emotional, and behavioral goals, weight, and height.  Our horses have different skills and strengths, and our certified instructors match of horse and rider for the welfare of both.

Click here to send an e-mail to Therapeion to request to be notified when enrollment opens!


To enroll a rider in one of Therapeion's programs please click on the "Participant Application" link below, download and print the application, complete the application form and snail mail it to us or drop it off.  The medical portion of the application must be completed by the physician's office. 

The application must be completed annually and in the same calendar year as the classes.


We offer programs for persons with disabilities in White, Tippecanoe, and the surrounding counties.  Our minimum age for participation is four, with no upper age limit.


To enroll all past and current tuition must be paid by the first day of classes.  Students will be charged for unexcused absences; class tuition for excused classes will be refunded or applied to a future session.


The minimum age to participate is four years old and is set by PATH International.

Persons who weigh more than 180 pounds are not able to ride due to the weight restrictions of our horses. Please call us to discuss alternatives to riding.  

You are welcome to contact us with questions or to discuss the programs. Or, give us a call to make an appointment for a tour. Our class schedule can be found on our CALENDAR page.


Therapeion has a scholarship fund in place to help those who require financial assistance. This fund is maintained by donations- scholarship availability varies.


So as to serve a greater number of families and individuals, we award half scholarships only.  Applications MUST be postmarked no later than two weeks before the start of classes to be considered.

To apply for a scholarship, please click on the "Scholarship Application" link, complete the application form and mail or email it to us.  

We are unable to offer scholarships at this time because we depleted our fund.  If you would like to make a donation to our fund or sponsor a participant please contact us.