“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” 
  ― Winston Churchill

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At different times in the year Therapeion can use everything from office supplies to building materials.   If you would like to make an in-kind donation please contact us to see if we can make effective use of what you might be able to provide.

80% of our budget is directed to our student programs, but student class fees cover only 30% of our expenses. We depend on donations and sponsorships to make up the difference.  That is why supporters like you are so important to Therapeion!

 Therapeion relies on donations and sponsorships from individuals, families, foundations, and corporations to help fund its programs. Thank you to all who have supported us in the past, and thank you for your future support.  

The DONATE (one-time gift)  button will allow you to give a gift through PayPal or by credit card. Donations of any amount are always appreciated! Your generosity helps us to continue to provide quality services to our clients.  (Please note that if you donate by credit card, a percentage of your gift is applied to the credit card company’s fees. If you would like 100% of your gift to benefit Therapeion, you may send a check to the address shown below.)

Need a suggestion for an amount?  Start by seeing our Sponsor levels, below.


Need other suggestions? Currently, it costs about $465 a month per horse for feed, board, vet care, and other expenses, averaged over the entire year.  Think about donating enough to sponsor one of our horses for a month (or two!).   A scholarship for a student for the summer or fall classes is $160.  However, any amount is helpful and gratefully received!

Additionally, you can "give continuously" (and painlessly) when you shop at Amazon or Pay Less (Kroger) supermarkets.  See this blog post about how to set that up.



2021 Donors & Sponsors


Triple Crown

$10,000 and up

This is the highest level of sponsorship, for donors who want to make a long-term impact on Therapeion's programs.  Support at this level maintains multiple horses, finances scholarships for a whole year, and can even help to add new horses to the program as older horses retire.

Current donors:

Barrel Racer


These donors are making an impact each year.  At this level, a donor is supporting one horse for a full year, student scholarships for a full session, and some of the utilities (keeping the lights on!).

Current donors:

Community Foundation of White County

Lafayette Chapter of the 40 & 8

Full Gallop


Donors at a full gallop are supporting one of the ponies for most of a year, contributing to stable fees, or helping cover class space improvements.

Current donors:

Gail Baugh

White County United Way and Indiana United Ways, with funding provided by the Lily Endowment, Inc.



These donors are helping us cover month-to-month operational costs, including veterinary fees, insurance, telephone, and emergency repairs.

Current donors:

Gail Baugh

Andy & Marti Card

Linda Emberton

Valerie Fenwick

Pattie & Gene Spafford

Margo Taylor

Lafayette Kiwanis Foundation

Walmart West Lafayette

Walmart Monticello



Donors at a trot are providing horse care and food for 1–2 months for one horse.  Alternatively, these donors are covering four to six student scholarships in a class session.

Current donors:

Maggie DiPaolo

Sara Dorsten

Jeff Saylor

Loraine Troyer


Dana Limited

Kate's Hair Expressions 

Monticello Animal Hospital

Springdale Title, LLC



These donors are helping us generally, to fund necessary expenses such as insurance, phone, farrier fees, care for tack, ...and helping to pay for this website! 

Current donors:

Peggy Anthrop

Josie & Kathy Arnold

Jan Cooksey

Stacey Dickerson

Susan & Bryn Dole

Mary Dorsten

Tom Dorsten

Linda E.

James Elicker

Valerie Fenwick

Sara Fischer

Cynthia Gregory

Quinnell Gutwein

Amy Hankins

Nora Hosler

Stacey Joyce

Tim & Kathy Korb

Judith Lindell

Debra Madura

Virginia Mahn

Stephen Martin

The Montgomerys

Julie Morton

Karen Noel

Lisa Pantea

Vern Penix

Paul Rosenzweig

Ken Rowe

Sue Schnur

Winn Schwartau

Cindy Starr

Linn Veen

Katey Wamsley

Anna Welch

Brenda White-Johns

Several Anonymous donors

Jordon Manufacturing

Tall Timbers Marina


These generous donors have provided us with materials or services to support Therapeion's mission.  We greatly appreciate their support, and we encourage our friends to consider them for their own business needs!

Current donors:


Bennetts Greenhouse

Bistro 501

Crew Carwashes

East End Grill

Gretel's Fine Gifts

Harmon-McClintic Insurance

Hoffman, Luhman & Masson, PC

Hoosier Media Group

Huth Thompson, LLP

Inspired Fire

Kate's Hair Expressions

N2N Technologies

Pampel & Associates, Inc. 


Riverside Restaurant

Rotary Club of Monticello


Streets of Monticello Association

 T & M Cain Enterprises, LLC

TTG Equipment

US Aggregates

Visual Edge IT

White County Economic Development

Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center is a 501(c)(3) so all donations are tax deductible.  Help us make miracles happen in the lives of our participants and families with your donation!

Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center
11030 South 200 West
Brookston, IN  47923

Please include a note with your check if you wish your donation to be used to sponsor a specific item.

We can be reached by phone at 765-414-8066 or by e-mail at therapeion@yahoo.com.