The Therapeion Team


“With man this is impossible, 

but with God all things are possible.”  

Matthew 19:26


Grade Horse/QH Type

2018 Therapy Horse of the Year
Paco joined our team in the winter of 2017-2018.  Before becoming a therapy horse he participated in three day eventing  and taught girls to ride.  A sweet and quiet soul he is a valuable addition to our team.  Paco was donated by

Dr Amanda Farr and Dr Myk Bray.


Windmill Junction Boxcar Willy

AMHR 2004

Miniature Horse

Willy looks and acts like a mini Lyle. He is fun to work with and our kids use him for ground work. Willy loves attention and came to us because he is too easy of a keeper for his own good!

Lyle headshot Shawn.jpg

Haflinger/Hackney cross

2014 Therapy Horse of the Year

Lyle joined us in 2008. He is a handsome boy and all the kids love him.  Lyle is able to challenge his riders that need challenged. For riders who cannot sit up independently, Lyle is an invaluable member of our equine team!



2015 Therapy Horse of the Year

Duke is a draft "pony"; Haflingers are called ponies even though they can be horse-sized. Because he is a draft horse, he can carry heavier riders and since he is shorter than most draft horses, he is the perfect height to use for wheelchair mount riders. 
Duke was donated by Candy Shoaff in 2013.


Flashy Leo McCue

2003 American Paint Horse Association

Flashy is taller than most of our horses with a gentle and loving nature.  She is a favorite among our independent riding students and our exercise riders. Flashy was a rescue before being donated to Therapeion by Theresa Haderfelt in 2015. 

Frank Muffin

Haflinger Cross Pony

Frankie Muffin was purchased with funds donated by the Frank Muffin Band.  He is a sturdy little guy who excels in our therapeutic riding program.  Frankie "Tucker" Muffin joined our team in February 2018.


Hackney Type Pony

2011 Therapy Horse of the Year

2017 Therapy Horse of the Year

Hershey was donated to Therapeion in 2008.  He is our older statesman but being around 40 years old has not slowed him down!  Hershey lives with Janis, Willy, and Shepard Stable's three miniature donkeys and is semi-retired.  He still carries one or two tiny riders each week.

Janis Joplin

Dwarf Miniature Horse

2013 Therapy Horse of the Year

Janis is an older lady- a sweetie who apparently doesn't realize her size. She had experience working with children with disabilities before joining the Therapeion team. She loves attention and being brushed. Janis works with riders in our ground work programs.  Janis was donated to Therapeion by Red Strange in 2008.

the dude.jpg
The Dude

The Big Lebowski

2013 Gypsy Vanner Horse

The Dude was donated by the Lexlin Gypsy Horse Ranch in September, 2015. He is a stocky boy who lives with his best friend, Duke.  Draft horses mature slower than standard horses so The Dude will be carrying less than his maximum weight and working less than his maximum horse per week until he is seven years old to prevent physical injury or early burn out. 

The photos of our horses are copyright © by Montana Rose Photography

and are used by permission.

horses in turnout multiples.jpeg

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