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“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” 
  ― Winston Churchill

Therapeutic Riding Horse Sponsorships 

Would you, your family, or your workplace love to sponsor one of our horses?  These sponsorships give us more resources to commit to our riders!

You can help support our wonderful therapeutic riding horses and our organization with a horse sponsorship. It costs Therapeion approximately $4,000 per year to care for one horse. We have six equines. Expenses include hay, grain, joint supplements, semi-annual vet checks, vaccinations, chiropractic care, and hoof care.  


With our horse sponsorships, you may contribute in the name of a particular horse or we can you match you with one of our four-legged friends (see all options below).  All sponsors will be acknowledged with signage in the stables and on our website. You will receive a photo of the animal that you have sponsored as part of our thank you process.

Please consider a donation today! Out Therapeion family, two-legged and four, thank you!

Sponsorship Options:

A contribution of at least $350 per month will help us care for a horse. If you choose to support a horse for 6 or more months signage to recognize your gift will be placed on their stall denoting you as their sponsor and you will be able to schedule times to come to Therapeion to interact with your horse, including grooming and taking pictures!  You can complete a sponsorship on-line below, or Contact us with any questions and/or to complete your horse sponsor. 

A Half Year Sponsorship is $2,000

A Full Year Sponsorship is $4,000

A Monthly Sponsorship is $350


How could you say no to these faces? Horses available for sponsorship include:

For winter of 2019–2020, our biggest needs are:

  • Hay for the horses (bales or loose)

  • Sponsorship of rider scholarships (via cash donations)

Sponsor Lyle

Breed: Haflinger/Hackney cross

2014 Therapy Horse of the Year


Lyle joined us in 2008. He is a handsome boy and all the kids love him.  Lyle is able to challenge his riders that need challenged. Lyle is an invaluable member of our equine team!

Duke 1 (2).JPG

Sponsor Duke

Breed:  Haflinger

 2015 Therapy Horse of the Year


Duke is a draft "pony"; Haflingers are called ponies even though they can be horse-sized. Because he is a draft horse, he can carry heavier riders and since he is shorter than most draft horses, he is the perfect height to use for wheelchair mount riders. Duke was donated by Candy Shoaff in 2013.

Willy woods 3.JPG

Sponsor Windmill Junction Boxcar Willy  "Willy"

Breed: AMHR 2004 Miniature Horse

 2020 Therapy Horse of the Year


Willy looks and acts like a mini Lyle. He is fun to work with and our kids use him for ground work. Willy loves attention and came to us because he is too easy of a keeper for his own good!

Flashy 3 (2).JPG

Sponsor Flashy Leo McCue "Flashy"

Breed: 2003 American Paint Horse Association

2019 Therapy Horse of the Year


Flashy is taller than most of our horses with a gentle and loving nature.  She is a favorite among our independent riding students and our exercise riders. Flashy was a rescue that was donated to us.

Tucker 4.JPG

Sponsor Frank Muffin "Tucker"

Breed: Haflinger Cross Pony

 2021 Therapy Horse of the Year


Frankie Muffin "Tucker" was purchased with funds donated by the Frank Muffin Band in 2018. He is a sturdy little guy who excels in our therapeutic riding program.

the dude.jpg

Sponsor The Dude


Breed:  2013 Gypsy Vanner Horse

Also known as The Big Lebowski


The Dude was donated by the Lexlin Gypsy Horse Ranch in 2015. He is a stocky boy who lives with his best friend, Duke. Gypsy Vanners are a draft horse breed and The Dude's build is typical of his breed.  The Dude is able to carry some of our larger riders but is also ridden by our smaller riders .

Another way to help us with the costs associated with caring for our four-legged Therapeion family members is to give to our general horse care fund. No donation is too small, and all are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!