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"Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people. ” 
  ― W.C. Fields

Therapeion volunteer mentors are trained to work with our very special participants  during our riding and ground lessons.  They also volunteer for special projects, staff Brookston Tack & Feed, work with our horses as part of the Equine Care Team, serve on our Board of Directors, run our committees, participate in Special Olympics, spearhead our fund raising, and much more.  
Here are a few of their stories.

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"Sometimes volunteering at Therapeion makes me feel selfish because I feel like it brings me just as much joy if not more than the people I'm helping."    
Emily Sheperd

"For me Therapeion is about being blessed to be a blessing. Giving any time, love or care to kids with special needs in itself is a gift.  It’s also an opportunity for me to honor my sister who was taken from me way too soon. She never let her disability stop her from doing whatever she wanted to do- and a lot of what she did was giving of herself to others. Therapeion takes us all to a better world."    Margo Taylor

"I feel privileged to be part of a program that changes lives by the help of our community and our horses"     Nathan Braden

"I volunteer at Therapeion because it's not only a great escape from classes at Purdue but also working with these kids and seeing how they progress really just puts you in the best mood! "     Shannon Sink

"I started volunteering at Therapeion because I love horses. The horses are of wonderful but I've also found that the people are really special too. We are like family at Therapeion. Everyone works together and has a good time. Getting to know the horses one on one is such a great experience. I love them all. I also love working with the kids, especially Horse Camp in the summer. It's fun to see all the kids learning about horses and getting to ride. Therapeion is really something special to be a part of."
Sammi MacDonald 

"I became a volunteer at Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center in order to help others. Since I am a horse person myself and enjoy working with people, I believed that this would be a good opportunity to serve. What I unexpectedly received as a volunteer, was friendship and encouragement from everyone as I transitioned through a difficult time in my life. Volunteering is truly a blessing to me."  
Jill Uselton