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 "..I heard a neigh. Oh, such a brisk and melodious neigh as that was! My very heart leaped with delight "
  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne


Therapeion is currently looking for a draft, draft cross, or a Haflinger. We are also looking for a horse around 14H 2" to 15 H 1",  with a narrower build for our riders who can't stretch enough to ride a wider horse.  He or she must be between the ages of 5 and 15, trained to ride, and like people.  Your donation is tax deductible.  Please contact us for more information.

Not all equines have the temperament and talent needed to become a therapeutic riding horse or pony. Horses come in for a ninety day trial before being accepted into our program. Less than half of the horses or ponies who are offered us are able to successfully complete the training. An excellent riding horse may not have what it takes to be a therapeutic riding horse. Those that have passed their training and have been accepted are very special and we value them highly. 

Stop by and meet our equine team. They're wonderful! 


2008 Therapy Horse of the Year
Grade Horse/QH Type

Popeye came to Therapeion from Indiana Horse Rescue and joined our team in August 2007.  
He is our class clown and a favorite with our volunteer mentors and our Director.
He is leased from Shepard Stable.

Chocolate After Fx
AQHA 1999
2009 Therapy Horse of the Year

Buddy was donated to our program in 2008. Buddy has been ridden both English and Western, has worked cattle, and has shown in jumping events. He is a sweet and easy going boy and loved by all who work with him.  Buddy retired in 2016 and resides at Shepard Stable.

Belgium/Quarter Horse Cross

Cocoa joined our team to begin her training in 2012 and started work in 2013. She was a big girl and carried our heavier riders. She passed away from cancer of the lymph nodes in March 2016.
Thank you Peg Carson for donating Cocoa. She was one in a million.

The Big Lebowski
2013 Gypsy Vanner Horse

The Dude was donated by the Lexlin Gypsy Horse Ranch in September, 2015. He has started his ground training and will trained to ride late summer 2016.
​Until then he is participating in our EAL program.
Thank you Lexlin!
2015 Therapy Horse of the Year

Duke is a draft "pony" that was donated to us in 2013. Haflingers are called ponies even though they can be horse sized. Because he is a draft horse he can carry heavier riders and since he is shorter than most draft horses he is the perfect height to use for wheelchair mount riders. 
Thank you Candy Shoaf for donating Duke.

Flashy Leo McCue
2003 American Paint Horse Association

Flashy joined our program in 2015. She is taller than most of our horses with a gentle and loving nature.  She was a rescue before being donated to Therapeion by Theresa Haderfelt.  Thank you, Theresa!

2011 Therapy Horse of the Year

Hershey is a tiny little guy but makes up for it in energy. He is quite the sweet older gentleman, somewhere in his mid 30's, but you'd never know it by how much energy he has. After six years as a therapy horse at TTRC Hershey officially retired in September, 2014. He is living out his retirement with his friends in the "littles" lot.

Dwarf Miniature Horse
2013 Horse Therapy Horse of the Year

Janis is an older lady, a sweetie who apparently doesn't realize her size. She had worked with children with disabilities before joining our program in 2008. She loves attention and being brushed. Janis and Willy are used for our ground work programs with our riders.  Thank you to Red Strange for donating Janis.

Haflinger/Hackney cross 
2014 Horse of the Year

Lyle joined us in 2008. He is a handsome boy and all the kids love him.  Lyle is able to challenge his riders that need challenged. For those riders who can not sit up Lyle's broad and flat back make the perfect spot to ride and practice lifting up their heads.

Windmill Junction Boxcar Willy
AMHR 2004
Miniature Horse

Willy looks and acts like a mini Lyle. He is fun to work with and our kids use him for ground work. He is also ridden by our tiniest riders. Willy loves attention and came to us because he is too easy of a keeper for his own good!

Admiral Jess
AQHA 1989 - 2012
2010 Therapy Horse of the Year

Sadly, Addy passed away in 2012. He had been suffering from severe arthritis and developed heaves.  Addy will always hold a special place in our hearts and is much missed.

Privileged Pamela 
Thoroughbred   JC 1988 - 2014
2012 Therapy Horse of the Year

Pamela was a Thoroughbred mare who had been shown extensively in jumping and dressage. She was donated to our team in 2008.  Pamela was euthanized in 2014 due to advanced Cushings. Her passing has left a giant hole in the hearts of all.

Dwarf Miniature Horse

Tina was donated with Janis. Despite much love and care and vet intervention we lost Tina in 2010, only two years after she joined our team. Tina was fun and quite the sassy little girl.
Thank you to Red Strange for allowing us to spend time with her. 

Miniature Donkey

Larry participates in our ground work activities and loves attention.  He is friendly and curious and allows himself to be painted and paraded without complaint.  He is part of the Larry, Curly, and Moe trio of miniature donkeys that belong to Shepard Stable.