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Equine-assisted learning (EAL) is a learning approach that utilizes horses to promote the development of life skills for educational, professional and personal goals. PATH Intl. provides standards of professionalism and safety for instructors and volunteers offering EAL services.

In an EAL setting, the activities incorporate the horse-human interaction using planned learning experience to meet the identified goals or desires of the participant(s). Working with horses provides opportunities to teach critical life skills such as trust, respect, honesty and communication. 

Most horse communication is non-verbal and they are in-tune with human behavior.  Learning how a horse communicates can help participants better understand how our non-verbal communication might be impacting or influencing others in their lives. Through interactions with the horses, participants become more self-aware. Furthermore, participants gain self-esteem and self-confidence while learning how to work with such a large and powerful creature. In all, horses offer us the opportunity to experience humility, compassion and challenge; all critical elements to supporting self-growth and self-awareness.

For information on how to enroll and the necessary form please visit our "Enroll" page.  You may learn more about the principles of EAL by clicking the PATH Intl logo to visit the PATH Intl website.  You may pay for classes by visiting the ENROLL page.
“Most horses don't walk backwards voluntarily, because what they can't see doesn't exist.”
  ~Terry Pratchett